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Upcoming Club Dances and Visitations

February   1   -   "Kennesaw   Square   Dealers   'Souper'   Bowl   Dance"

February   4   -   "Bartow   Dixie   Grands"

February   8   2019   -   "Cupid   Dance"

February   9   -   "Danc'n   Singles"

February   10   -   "MASDA   Dancee   Darrin   Henry   Caller; Mountain   View   Community   Center"

February   15   -   "Peachtree   Squares"

February   16   -   "Wheel   Arounds"

February   18   -   "Bartow   Dixie   Grands"

February   22   -   "Regular   Dance"

March   8   -   "Mardi   Gras   Dance"

March   22   -   "Spring   Dance"

April   12   -   "Half   Way   Dance"

April   26   -   "Sock   Hop   Dance"

May   10   -   60's   Dance"

May   24   -   Memorial   Day   Dance   -   Wear   Red, White & Blue"

June   14   -   "16th   Anniversary   Dance"

GBI   Caller   School - ATLANTA, GA. - COBB GALLERIA

JUNE 23th thru the 25th, 2019 -- needs dancers for the callers

June   25   -   GBI   Trails   End   Dance

June   26   -   Trails   End   Dance   -   after   John   Berry   Concert

June   28   -   "NO   DANCE  : See   you   at   the   68th   NSDC!!! "

June   26-29, 2019   -   "68th   National   Square   Dance   Convention"

Have Fun and Get Good Aeoric Exercise!!

Square Dance Class

Beginning January 8, 2019

For more information please see Upcoming Classes

Western Style Square Dancing is the Official Folk dance of both GA and the USA

Upcoming Conventions


JUNE 26th thru the 29th, 2019


Click on the 68th NCSD logo to download the Long Registration Form: 68th NSDC Logo

REMINDER You MUST Submit the Long Registration Form even if you submitted the short form: C

Click on the Salute Information to military/first responders to download: veterans/first responders salute information

Click on the following link to sign up for the FREE e-magazine: Subscribe To NSDC Email

Future National Conventions

69th National Square Dance Convention, Spokane WA - June 17-20 2020 To Avoid Hoopfest, Convention is a week earlier (this year only)

70th National Square Dance Convention, Jackson MS - June 23-26 2021

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